2022. FAO: ATIO Innovation Platform PoC

Product Development.

  • Managed Dashboard Development Process: Coordinated the UX team with FAO technical officers, data scientist and Tableau developers to create a compelling and unique Sankey diagram to display dependencies of innovation projects across the world.

Project Description.

Introducing the Agrifood Systems Technologies and Innovations Outlook (ATIO)

Agrifood system transformation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals requires increased attention to developing, adapting and diffusing impactful science, technology and innovation (STI). Current levels and patterns of STI uptake are inadequate to facilitate needed agrifood system transformations, especially in today’s low- and middle-income countries. Moreover, the descriptive and evaluative evidence on current and emergent STI is also insufficiently well understood to permit intentional management of STI to meet the multiple objectives of future agrifood systems: efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable. This report introduces the vision, rationale, scope and methods for new knowledge products FAO will launch as part of a new Agrifood System Technologies and Innovations Outlook (ATIO). ATIO’s objective is to curate existing information on the current, measurable state of STI and upcoming changes, as well as their transformative potential, to inform evidence-based policy dialogue and decisions, including on investments.