2017. mHealth Startup Partnerships

Key Responsibilities.

Product Development + the skill set and versatility of a Swiss Army knife: Faced paced coordination with project consultants, startup CEOs and developers, our own developers and IT managers, legal and compliance. Produced a vast amount of presentations and concept notes to engage internal stakeholders and get buy-in.
Took the lead in technology discussion to explore the viability of partnerships and integration into our data structure and service ecosystem.

Project Description.

Based on a specific set of core business areas, we targeted matching apps (start-ups) which offer technology solutions to enhance said areas. The journey involved several workshops with our consultants to shortlist potential start-ups and test the viability of partnerships. The two greatest challenges were the cultural gap in the use of technology and the integration of data and UAE privacy compliance issues.

Key Responsibilities

  • Digital Strategy development, UX Design & Management, Content Strategy