2016. Digital Insurance Card App

The Daman “Digital Card” companion app was expected to offer a range of features and functionalities that enhanced the overall insurance experience for policyholders. The app provided a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to easily access and manage their insurance policies, view coverage details, and make policy updates or changes. It also offered convenient and secure mobile claims filing, allowing users to report incidents, submit necessary documents, and track the progress of their claims. Additionally, the app provided personalized notifications and alerts, keeping policyholders informed about policy renewals, premium payments, and important updates from the insurance company. Access to digital insurance cards, policy documents, and other relevant information was also included in the app for easy retrieval. Integration with customer support services, such as chatbots, was available to assist users with their inquiries and concerns.

Key Responsibilities

  • Digital Strategy development, UX Design & Management, Content Strategy